The White Man Dating Black Woman Issues

The sight of a white man dating black woman isn’t something you would be surprised of nowadays. There are even some who found their life partner via an interracial dating site. Some people doesn’t really make a big deal out of interracial dating and have no problem accepting it but there are some narrow-minded people who still wouldn’t accept the thought of seeing black people dating white people. Usually, these people are of the older generations who still haven’t moved on and adapt with the changes that our society has undergone. They could be against the idea of interracial dating or the idea of mingling with black people in general. As we can’t change the way they think even if we wanted to, all we can do is deal with these people.

white guys dating black women

I, for one, don’t really see anything wrong with interracial dating. However, it is completely understandable that the older and traditional minded generations would frown at the thought. The thing that I cannot understand is what the newer generation’s excuse is. Do they embrace racism just to be a part of the bandwagon or are they just simply close minded when it comes to interracial dating?

Whatever the answer to that question is, we may never know. The issue may never be solved but we can still do something to improve it. So instead of thinking of ways to solve the racism problem, we should just find ways to avoid it. Here are some Dos and Don’ts worth remembering in interracial dating.

When dating a person from another race, always know where to draw the line and never cross it or let it be crossed. You both may have different ethics and culture so make sure that you respect his/hers if you want him/her to respect yours. If you are dating a black person, keep your black people jokes to yourself. Having an open mind is important but you should remember not to cross the line. If you want to be respected, you have to earn it.

In dating a person from a different race, you should never categorize. Saying something like “You people often” is just plainly rude. It will give an impression that you are looking down on them and you categorize them like you categorize animals. You also shouldn’t assume things. If you are thinking of something but are not sure about it, do not hesitate to ask. However, keep in mind that you should ask in a polite manner.

Nowadays, race and skin color doesn’t determine whether you are meant for each other or not. The white man dating black woman issue shouldn’t really be a big deal. People who consider this as a big deal are still stuck with the ideals in the past and should really try to move one. We should get rid of this mentality if we want to progress. We should all remember that no race is superior to the other. If we think about it, there is actually just one race and it is called the human race.

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